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Our three key activities

The broadcast media reaches into the lives of New Zealanders on a daily basis through TV and radio, informing and entertaining us. Broadcasters have agreed to meet certain standards as they do this, and the BSA monitors these standards on behalf of New Zealanders.

We do this through three key activities:

  1. Complaints determination
  2. Oversight and development of the broadcasting standards system
  3. Information and communication

Our core activity is complaints determination but this doesn't occur in a vacuum – all three activities work together to support and enhance the regulation of broadcasting content.

Complaints determination

The BSA provides the public with a free, independent complaints service, determining complaints that allege that a broadcaster has breached one or more standards in one of the Codes of Broadcasting Practice.

  • We deal with complaints about programmes on broadcast media – that is, free-to-air television, Pay TV, live streaming and radio (but NOT on-demand).
  • We only handle complaints about programmes (which includes promos for programmes).

See Making a Complaint

If you or the broadcaster are unhappy with a decision we've made, you have the right to appeal our decision to the High Court.  You must give notice of your appeal within one calendar month of the decision.

Oversight and development of the broadcasting standards system

We work with broadcasters and others to set clear broadcasting standards, reviewing the Codes of Broadcasting Practice, issuing practice notes and undertaking research.

See Codes and standards

Information and communication

Our aim is to provide clear, user-friendly information about the broadcasting standards system and our decisions  through our website, through media releases of decisions and through the publication of a regular newsletter.

See News