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  • How do I lodge a complaint?

    You need to lodge a complaint with the broadcaster in the first instance (unless you are complaining about a privacy issue on its own or about an election item).

    Click on the button below to learn about making a complaint.

    Make a Complaint

    Note! If you wish to make a complaint about an advertisement on TV, radio or in print (including magazines and billboards), please visit the Advertising Standards Authority website.

    (For a list of other agencies dealing with complaints, see the Complaint Line website.)

  • Already made a complaint?

    You've already made a formal complaint to the broadcaster and you’re not happy with their decision? The broadcaster hasn't replied to your formal complaint within 20 working days?

    If either of these is the case, you can refer your complaint to the BSA for review.

    Refer a Complaint

  • Decisions

    To see how the BSA has decided previous complaints, you can search our decisions.

    Click on the button below to call up the different decision search fields.

    Search decisions