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In this section of the website you can search all our decisions from 1989/90 to the present. The decisions appear in descending order.

Decisions from 1994 appear in HTML. Decisions from 1989/90 to 1993 are attached as PDFs.

Four of the fields that appear at the top of individual decisions – Channel/Station, ProgrammeStandards, Standards Breached – have links that call up other decisions with the same information.

Please note that you will need to select specific standard/s, as well as a broadcasting code, to return decision results.

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2 Results

Stroud and TVWorks Ltd - 2013-044

An episode of Futurama, an animated cartoon series, contained sexual references and innuendo. The episode which was classified G (General) screened on FOUR at 6.30pm. The Authority considered that the sexual content was not suitable for unsupervised child viewers and that the episode was incorrectly classified G when it should have been classified PGR. The broadcaster did not adequately consider children’s interests when incorrectly classifying the episode and screening it in G time

Upheld: Responsible Programming, Children’s Interests

No Order

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Denham and TVWorks Ltd - 2009-094

Futurama. Animated cartoon containing sexual references. Good taste and decency, and children’s interests. Not upheld.

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