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Today we published our Annual Report for 2016-2017. As well as reporting on our performance and financial position, this report highlights our work over the past year and highlights key themes emerging from the decisions released in the 2016/17 financial year.

You can download a copy of the report by clicking on the link below:

Our Statutory Reports

The BSA today released decisions on five complaints, with one complaint upheld. Three complaints were about television broadcasts and two about radio broadcasts. The upheld complaint related to an item on Newshub, which the Authority found contained challenging footage of the shooting of two Israeli police officers at a mosque in East Jerusalem. The Authority recognised the public interest in the item, but considered that it required a warning for the potentially disturbing violent content. The Authority made no order.

You can read our media release on this decision here

To read the full decisions, click on the Latest Decisions button below.

The BSA today released two new decisions concerning complaints about election-related broadcast content – one complaint about political commentary during the Newshub Leaders Debate and one complaint about a Radio Sport presenter’s comment on a Labour campaign advertisement. The Authority did not uphold these complaints, highlighting the importance of political expression during the election period.

The BSA has today released decisions on five complaints, three of which related to radio broadcasts and two to television broadcasts. One complaint related to an election advertisement for the Ban 1080 Party which was not upheld.

The BSA today released decisions on three complaints. Two of the decisions released are interlocutory, meaning the Authority considered preliminary issues relating to the complaints. The third complaint, which raised the discrimination and denigration standard, was not upheld.

To read the full decisions, click on the Latest Decisions button below.