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The BSA recently released 10 new decisions. None of these were upheld, with an equal number of decisions relating to radio and free-to-air TV broadcasts. The BSA declined to determine two of the complaints on the basis they were vexatious. The most common standards considered were Fairness and Accuracy.

Today we released seven new decisions. The BSA upheld one complaint, declined to uphold four complaints, and declined to determine two complaints. Six of these complaints related to programmes on free-to-air television and one related to a radio broadcast.

We issued a media release on these latest decisions, which you can read by clicking on the Media Releases button below.

Click on the Latest Decisions button below to read the new decisions. 

Today we released research into how New Zealand's children engage with media today – conducted independently by Colmar Brunton for the Broadcasting Standards Authority and NZ On Air. The Children's Media Use Study shows the majority of New Zealanders take steps to manage their children's media use: parents and children use on-screen classifications and warnings, have family rules around viewing and internet use, and change the channel, turn off or move away when they come across challenging content. The use of these measures has either increased or remained consistent since our previous study in 2007.

We have also published today the results of our 2014 Public Awareness Survey, which measured the public's awareness of the BSA and their ability to complain.

You can find both of these reports here.

Today we released 11 new decisions. Of these decisions, seven were in relation to complaints about programmes on free-to-air TV and four were in relation to radio broadcasts. The most common standards under which complaints were referred were Discrimination and Denigration, Controversial Issues and Fairness. None of the complaints were upheld.

Click on the Latest Decisions button below to read the new decisions. 

Today we released 22 new decisions. We issued media releases, which you can find by clicking on the link below, on two upheld decisions: one in relation to a song broadcast on Humm FM and one in relation to a 2011 Campbell Live special investigation. In total the BSA upheld three complaints, declined to determine one and did not uphold the others. 

Click on the Latest Decisions button below to read the new decisions.