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We released 10 new decisions today. Of these, one complaint was upheld – Paul Henry featured an interview with the president of the Police Association, and the host incorrectly said that violent attacks on police officers are going up; they are in fact decreasing.

All of the complaints were about free-to-air television, and the standards most commonly complained about were accuracy and controversial issues.

Our 2015 Annual Report has just been published. You can download a copy of the report by clicking on the link below:
Our Statutory Reports


Today we have released 13 new decisions. Of these, five complaints were upheld. You can read media releases on two of the upheld decisions below: a 60 Minutes item was found to have breached a child’s privacy; and a Seven Sharp item about voluntary euthanasia was found to be unbalanced. A third media release concerns a Campbell Live investigation into Gloriavale Christian Community; that complaint was not upheld.

We have recently released six new decisions. Of these, the Authority upheld two complaints: one on Mike Hosking’s comments about the waitress subject to the John Key ‘ponytail’ incidents and one about the music video for Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Only’. We issued two media statements to accompany these decisions - you can read these by clicking on the Media Releases button below.

Click on the Latest Decisions button below to read these new decisions. 

Yesterday we released seven new decisions. The BSA did not uphold six of the complaints and declined to determine one complaint. Four of the complaints were about free-to-air TV, two were about radio and one was about pay TV. The most common standards raised in the complaints were good taste and decency, privacy and accuracy.

Click on the Latest Decisions button below to read these new decisions.