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Today the Authority released decisions on three complaints. The Authority declined jurisdiction to accept one of the complaints as it related to a YouTube video, not a television broadcast. The other two complaints related to radio broadcasts, both of which were not upheld.

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The Authority released two decisions today, both of which related to Punjabi talkback programmes. The first complaint, about a broadcast on Radio Virsa, was not upheld, although the Authority emphasised the responsibilities that come with the right to freedom of expression.

The second complaint, concerning adverse comments made by a host during a talkback programme on Auckland’s Community Access Radio, was upheld by the Authority under the fairness standard. The Authority found that the complainants were not given a fair and reasonable opportunity, prior to broadcast, to respond to the allegations made against them during the programme. The Authority did not make any orders in this case.

To read our media releases on these decisions, click here. These are available in Punjabi and English.

To read the full decisions, click on the Latest Decisions button below.

Today the Authority released decisions on eight complaints, with three complaints upheld. Seven of the complaints related to television broadcasts and one complaint related to a radio broadcast. One of the upheld complaints was about two Newshub items, in which the reporter relied on Twitter when reporting on the delayed launch of a rocket from the Māhia Peninsula, implying that a Hastings District Councillor was responsible. This was incorrect and the Twitter content had not been adequately verified. The Authority found the items were inaccurate and unfair to the Councillor and ordered the broadcaster to broadcast a statement on air, online and in print, to pay $1,000 in costs to the Crown and $2,000 towards the complainants’ legal fees.

You can read our media release on this decision here.

To read the full decisions, click on the Latest Decisions button below.

Our public consultation on whether changes should be made to free-to-air television timebands and classifications ends this Friday, 31 August 2018.  If you would like to have your say, please write to us this week at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete the online survey here:  Further details about the issues under consultation are here:  

This week’s public consultation meetings are being held in the following locations:

  • GISBORNE - Tuesday 21 August - 1:30pm - HB Williams Memorial Library
  • CHRISTCHURCH - Wednesday 22 August 10:30am Christchurch Community house  
  • DUNEDIN - Thursday 23 August - 10:30am - South Dunedin Community Hall