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We released eight decisions today. Click on Latest Decisions to see all the new decisions.

Two of the decisions were upheld by the Authority: one was a complaint about a Close Up item based on a school newsletter objecting to gay marriage; the other was a complaint against an episode of the Australian soap opera Home and Away which involved the date rape of a teenage girl.

See our media releases dated 7th October 2013 on these two decisions.

Today we have released our latest research on the acceptability of words in broadcasting. This research was last carried out in 2009.

The latest report, What Not to Swear: The Acceptability of Words in Broadcasting 2013, shows that there has been little change to what people find unacceptable on air though there has been a slight softening in attitudes to the eight most unacceptable words if shown in a TV movie after 8.30pm.

See our media release on the report.

Today we also released 11 decisions. Click on the Latest Decisions button below to see all the new decisions.

Ten decisions were released today. In one, Cruise FM was ordered to apologise on air following complaints, and in another, the Authority did not uphold a complaint against Michael Laws. See our latest media releases.

Click on the Latest Decisions button below to see all the new decisions.

The BSA moved office late last week and is now located on Level 2, 119 Ghuznee Street, Wellington.

Our telephone numbers have remained the same.