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A research report published by the BSA today reveals New Zealanders’ attitudes to their personal social media content and their expectations about how broadcasters can use it. The research, entitled Use of Social Media in Broadcasting: Public and Broadcaster Perspectives was conducted by independent researchers and explores whether broadcasters are held to a higher standard by the public when it comes to publishing or republishing social media content.

The research found that, despite a strong information-sharing culture in New Zealand, members of the public do not consider that broadcasters can just take social media content and use it in the broadcasting context. The public expect their social media content to remain in the context in which it was published, and taking content out of this context can significantly affect its impact and message.

The BSA will use this research to engage with broadcasters to explore whether guidelines for use of social media content in broadcasting are required.  The BSA welcomes feedback on the research report and hopes that it will begin a public dialogue about the use of social media content by broadcasters, and also in other contexts.

The research was conducted by independent researchers: Dr Kathleen Kuehn, lecturer in media studies at Victoria University of Wellington and Katrine Evans, Senior Associate, Hayman Lawyers.  Eight focus groups were conducted by Colmar Brunton with 48 participants in 4 locations across New Zealand.

You can read our media release on this research here and read the full research report here.