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Today the BSA has published on its website a resource report prepared for broadcasters to assist in the reporting of events following the 15 March Mosque attacks.  The research reports on guidance and principles for reporting on terrorism and crisis events, taken from local and international resources.  This is a research report only.

Click here for the full report

Today the Authority released decisions on four complaints, with two complaints relating to Heather du Plessis-Allan’s use of the term ‘leeches’ to describe the Pacific Islands on talkback radio. The Authority found that these comments breached the good taste and decency and discrimination and denigration standards and ordered the broadcaster to broadcast a statement and to pay $3,000 in costs to the Crown.

You can read the full decision here.

To read our media release on this decision, click here.

Information for broadcasters and the public on broadcasting standards and where concerns on content you may have seen should be sent, is provided in a short information sheet on our News page: here 

The Authority released four decisions on six complaints today, with none of the complaints upheld. All four decisions relate to television programmes, including Shortland Street, The AM Show, Newshub and Uncharted with Sam Neill. Two of the decisions relate to issues around accuracy and fairness in reporting on anti-1080 protests.

To read the full decisions, click on the Latest Decisions button below.

The Authority has today released four decisions about complaints under the free-to-air television code. Three of the decisions related to an episode of Sunday that featured an investigation into gay conversion therapy in New Zealand.  The Authority did not uphold the complaints, which primarily focused on the use of hidden camera footage.  The Authority found high public interest in the broadcast and found that in the context of the item, the use of hidden camera footage was justified.

To read our media release on the Sunday decisions, click here.

To read the full decisions, click on the Latest Decisions button below.