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Hamer and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2011-149

A documentary Real Crime: Broken Promises, Broken Brides, broadcast on TV One, investigated the abuse of foreign brides in New Zealand. It profiled a Malaysian woman who had died of a methadone overdose nine years earlier and interviewed her New Zealand husband, the complainant, who was convicted of her manslaughter. The Authority declined to uphold the complaint that the programme breached the accuracy and fairness standards. The programme did not create a misleading impression that the complainant had intended to murder his wife, the reporter clearly stating that the complainant was convicted of manslaughter; the complainant’s perspective was included; the programme was accurate and would not have misled viewers; and the complainant was provided with a sufficient opportunity to give his perspective in two interviews and the interviews were not unfairly edited.

Not Upheld: Accuracy, Fairness