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The BSA issues decisions upholding or not upholding a complaint. We uphold a complaint when we agree with the complainant (the person making the complaint to us). If we do agree, we can make an order requiring the broadcaster to take some action.

BSA decisions are legal decisions with the force of precedent, but any broadcaster or complainant can appeal them to the High Court.

If a broadcaster appeals a decision to the High Court, the complainant is named as the other party but can choose not to take part in proceedings.

Some of the decisions and summaries on this website contain language that some people may find offensive.

About our decisions

  •  The BSA was set up in 1989 and our decisions date from 1989/90.

  • Decisions for the years 1989/901993 are available as PDFs only. They can be called up using the usual search fields but the text is attached as a PDF.
    (These PDFs also appear together in a separate section, Prior to 1994. Click on the relevant year to call up decisions.)

  • Decisions from 1994 onwards appear in HTML. They are listed under Latest Decisions, with the most recent decisions at the top.

  • Three of the fields that appear at the top of individual decisions – Standards, Programme, Channel/Station – have links that call up other decisions with the same information.

  • All links to BSA decisions, in the text or in footnotes, open a new window.

  • While the more recent decisions have all been properly footnoted, some earlier decisions may not be footnoted in full. If you would like more information about any of our decisions, please contact us.

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