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Latest Decisions

The list below contains our recently published decisions, with the latest at the top. 

Group Opposed to Advertising of Liquor and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1991-042

Holmes. Item reviewed rugby match in which a liquor advertising sign was shown. Complaint that the item showed partiality towards the liquor company concerned. Not upheld (balance, accuracy).

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Costello and Pirate 99FM - 1991-043

Obscene joke about women in station's final hour. Upheld (good taste and decency). No order.

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Wellington Palestine Group and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1991-044

Two items on One Network News (16 January, 6 February) and one on Holmes (4 February) dealing with incidents in the Middle East. Upheld (accuracy): item on 4 February. No order.

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Millen and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1991-045

Holmes. Interview with Jacqueline Stallone, in which she strongly criticised Queen Elizabeth II, and her later refusal to give an apology when reinterviewed. Upheld (balance, fairness). Not upheld (law and order, accuracy, responsible programming). No order.

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Sims and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1991-038

Frontline: "Medical Misadventure". Cases of babies medically impaired during delivery were used to illustrate the complexities involved in, and the shortcomings of, the procedures for discipline in the medical profession. Not upheld (balance).

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