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Latest Decisions

The list below contains our recently published decisions, with the latest at the top. 

Smith and Aotearoa Radio - 1992-026

Aotearoa Radio. Talkback about hot air balloonist. Complaint that balloonist's privacy invaded and that the tape had not been retained for 28 working days. Upheld (non-retention of tape). Declined to determine (privacy). No order.

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Shaw and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1992-018

Frontline. Item discussed role of homosexual clergy. Not upheld (balance, fairness).

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Clements and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1992-019

89FM "Candid Call" phone call discussed driver's behaviour. Upheld (privacy). Order ($1,000 compensation to complainant).

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Buck and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1992-017

Sunday Theatre: "Never Come Back". Incident of a near drowning. Upheld: majority (violence). Not upheld (law and order: use of ingenious methods or unfamiliar devices). Declined to determine (law and order: item explaining technique of a crime inviting imitation). No order.

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Fish and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1992-020

New Zealand Today. Complaint that advertisement not clearly distinguishable from rest of programme. Not upheld: majority (responsible programming).

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