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Latest Decisions

The list below contains our recently published decisions, with the latest at the top. 

Jensen and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1992-013

Morning Report. Reference to school trustees. Not upheld (good taste and decency).

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Wardlaw and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1992-014

Birds of a Feather. Complaint that character's comment was offensive because blasphemous. Not upheld (good taste and decency, discrimination and denigration, children's interests).

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New Zealand Police and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1992-015

60 Minutes: " Silent Witness". Item included interview with witness who had been a paid police informer and had given evidence in a murder trial. Upheld (balance). Not upheld (law and order, in part). Declined to determine (law and order, in part). Declined to determine (fairness (subsumed under balance), responsible programming). Order (broadcast of brief summary of decision).

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Cooper and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1992-016

60 Minutes: "Doctor Knows Best". Item on cervical cancer, statement about the medical profession not taking it seriously until after an enquiry. Not upheld (balance, accuracy). Declined to determine (responsible programming, accuracy of news items (60 Minutes was a current affairs programme)).

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Solicitor-General and Capital FM Ltd - 1992-009

More Report. Complaint that items in More FM comment programmes were attempts to influence judicial decisions. The Authority accepted the referral only on the grounds that the Solicitor-General was dissatisfied with the action taken by the broadcaster. The decision did not investigate and review the broadcaster's decision relating to any standards matter. Upheld: action taken sufficient. No order.

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