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Latest Decisions

The list below contains our recently published decisions, with the latest at the top. 

Solicitor-General and Capital FM Ltd - 1992-009

More Report. Complaint that items in More FM comment programmes were attempts to influence judicial decisions. The Authority accepted the referral only on the grounds that the Solicitor-General was dissatisfied with the action taken by the broadcaster. The decision did not investigate and review the broadcaster's decision relating to any standards matter. Upheld: action taken sufficient. No order.

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Odinot and Radio New Zealand Ltd - 1992-010

Morning Report. Interview with South African Minister of Foreign Affairs. Not upheld (good taste and decency (courtesy), balance, fairness)

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Sugrue and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1992-011

Frontline. Item discussed homosexual clergy. Not upheld: majority (balance, fairness).

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The Treasury and Television New Zealand Ltd - 1992-012

Frontline: "State – the Obvious?" Item about housing. Upheld (fairness). Not upheld (accuracy). No order.

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Society for Promotion of Community Standards and TV3 Network Services Ltd - 1992-006

Inside New Zealand: "The Sex We Don't Talk About". Documentary examined male and female homosexual behaviour. Not upheld (balance, accuracy, responsible programming).

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