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The list below contains our recently published decisions, with the latest at the top. 

Moore and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2014-077

On Good Morning the presenter interviewed two recently eliminated contestants from Masterchef New Zealand. The Authority declined to determine the complaint that the presenters referred to the two contestants as ‘coo coo things’, as these words did not feature in the broadcast.

Declined to Determine: Discrimination and Denigration

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McGuckian and The Radio Network Ltd - 2014-088

A Newstalk ZB news bulletin reported on the Pope meeting with victims of clerical sexual abuse. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that the number of victims cited was inaccurate. The broadcaster made reasonable efforts to ensure the item’s accuracy by obtaining the figure from a United Nations report.

Not Upheld: Accuracy, Fairness

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van der Kley and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2014-061

An item on Fair Go investigated a Christchurch roofer who had failed to complete a number of jobs for which he had already taken payment from customers. The roofer was interviewed on his doorstep, and explained he had mental health issues. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that the item breached the man’s privacy because it revealed his mental health status. The roofer willingly discussed his mental health with the reporter, including on camera, as part of his explanation in response to the customers’ claims, so he could not reasonably expect that information would remain private.

Not Upheld: Privacy

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Burrows and Television New Zealand Ltd - 2014-070

Seven Sharp screened footage of an incident involving celebrity singer Beyoncé’s sister physically attacking Beyoncé’s husband in a lift. The Authority did not uphold the complaint that the item made light of the serious issue of violence or denigrated men.

Not Upheld: Law and Order, Discrimination and Denigration, Violence.

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Wieland and MediaWorks TV Ltd - 2014-060

3 News summarised the findings in the latest report released by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The Authority did not uphold the complaint that the United Nations report was propaganda, and should not have been referred to. This was a straightforward news report on the latest findings released by the IPCC.

Not Upheld: Controversial Issues, Accuracy, Fairness, Responsible Programming

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